Have a conversation
never walk away thinking,
"Oh, that's nice."

About HEW

Who is Hew?


I was the young girl wearing the crocheted poncho as I rode my turquoise and white bike around my quaint small town growing up! I blame my passion for art and anything creative on those summer art & craft classes that I regularly attended in the 70’s. As a result, my artwork has found its way across the world. 

I still enjoy riding my bike, eating massive amounts of popcorn that's been popped on the stove, hanging out with my family and listening to albums on my record player....and yes, I still have one!

My creative process!

While my albums are playing in the background, I create my paintings with acrylic, ink, gouache, water soluble pastels and charcoal by a unique signature method of combining actual finger painting, layering and using traditional painting techniques. The final step of my process is adding words in partnership with the painting to achieve an emotional connection and instill a conversation of thoughts for the audience.  I want people to give some thought to what I have created and even wonder a bit..... 

What inspires me?

I love sorting through old family photos from the 50's, 60's and 70's! They inspire me! Especially the black and white photos! I also like using photos that I have taken of people throughout my travels. So many interesting people doing interesting things! I promise that I'll never run out of ideas!